Our Timeline

For five years, we said we would be cruising in three years time.

Three years was an easy time frame — close enough to feel excited, far enough to avoid getting specific. It justified some big purchases (Windpilot windvane, new sails, the boat itself) and caused some tough conversations. The timeline was often discussed — usually when one of us was going through a difficult time or feeling antsy for adventure. We knew we would do it someday, and in the meantime weeks rolled from one to the next with regattas, raftups, and the regular workings of everyday life.

The year 2020 threw routine overboard and we used the void to dive into projects that couldn’t be squeezed into an hour here or there. Somewhere between installing our new toilet, re-doing most of the boat’s 12v electrical, and a growing sense that we could work wherever there is Wi-Fi, we got serious about our plan.

The short answer to when we’re embarking: 2021. The medium answer: whenever the major projects are complete. The long answer: we are two humans living in a time of great change for all and that comes with certain uncertainties. We have some projects to go. Weather is a thing. We like the way we are living now, and see a glimmer of how it could be on the other side. We want to go voyaging and aren’t sure where exactly it will take us. Perhaps we’re already on the way.

Early morning motoring in the Oakland Estuary. We were headed up the Sacramento River Delta for a three day trip that lasted a month. I hoisted sail in the central bay before the sun was up while Scott snoozed for the late shift.

Published by Ash

Knitter, sailor, and sewist on the move from San Francisco to the Chesapeake Bay aboard a 36' sailboat named Azimuth.

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