Planning for a Haulout

We have a few “must dos” before heading out to sea: new rigging, replacement mast step, and windlass install. The full project list is much longer, but we could do without all but these three items.

We originally planned to take 2-3 weeks to knock out all of the items in the yard, but now are leaning towards splitting up the work. We can step the mast at a local boat yard, transport it to a place to work, and keep the boat in the water. This unlocks nights and weekends, and slows the pace after a busy and strange few months. Less boat yards are allowing DIYers with the threat of COVID-19, so this seems like a great compromise.

While the mast is down, we will check off a few more punchlist items. Scott noted that we’re in the “bolt things to the boat” stage. Lots of installs coming soon:

  • Wind indicator
  • Inner forestay for storm jib
  • New mast step (used to attach mast to the keel)
  • New mast steps (unrelated to above, used to climb the mast)
  • Replace standing rigging
  • Replace chain plates

Published by Ash

Knitter, sailor, and sewist on the move from San Francisco to the Chesapeake Bay aboard a 36' sailboat named Azimuth.

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