Ten Travel Tips from a Grownup Homesick Kid

This is a repost from Ash’s weekly newsletter, Clouds Form Over Land. Subscribe for less sailing-oriented writings in your inbox every Wednesday. When I was a kiddo, a trip to a neighborhood restaurant could spark physical symptoms of homesickness. I…

No Snakes in the Bed

We have been living at an off-grid eco-retreat in Bocas del Toro for about two months. The owners of the property generously offered safe harbor for Azimuth and room and board for us in exchange for maintenance projects. No two…

The Canal

We hooked a mooring at Balboa Yacht Club in time for sunset in the shadows of the Bridge of the Americas. Several other sailors sat outside enjoying the view of this grand waiting room. Some boats seemed to have been…

Punta Mala

This whole time, we’d been sailing to Panama, but on this leg we arrived. After checking out with the Costa Rican authorities and eating ice cream in the grocery store parking lot, we taxied back to Banana Bay marina. Local…

The Little Gulf

While staying at Marina Papagallo in Northern Costa Rica, we were spoiled with the company of several familiar boats, the Saturday shopping shuttle, the Sunday potluck, and a chance to catch up with a friend’s parents at a nearby vacation…


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