Mega Sink!

Working from home full-time came with a few adjustments. One pesky development was the daily battle we waged with the dishes. How was it possible to have so many dishes overwhelming the galley? Were they multiplying? Is this a mutiny?

This is a before picture of the galley on our 1979 Pearson 365, with blessedly few dishes in the sink. Our cupboards are a bit of a jumble in this picture, but we’re known to whip up tasty dishes using the three burner stove and oven. Our cold storage is top loading on the right.

The aft side of the galley (pictured above and to the left) housed a top loading cupboard with the propensity to collect water from the sink and mold. It often housed lesser used pots, dry goods, and other bits and bobs. Reaching into it often left your arm with some scum from the sink runoff.

Early in our liveaboard life, Scott preached the “100% rule”. In living quarters of this side, you must be all in on what takes up space. All the better if an object serves multiple purposes. In other words, it must spark joy (and keep the boat afloat).

The cupboard of doom had to go.

The gears started turning, and a wacky solution emerged. Make it all a sink!

I scoured the internet for suitable options, and found a workstation style sink with 42″ x 19″ x 12″ dimensions from

The sink was dinged on the journey from warehouse to stoop, so we took it to our blacksmith friend Danny at Alameda Maker Farm. Piglet for scale.

We removed the old sink and faucet, cut away the countertop, and took an extra trip to the hardware store for hose fittings. Earlier in the summer, we installed most of a tile backsplash, before realizing we wanted to remove the battery switch (formerly installed in the hole below). Boat projects tend to succumb to scope creep, and this one was no exception.

We sealed the sink with silicone adhesive, cut a hole for the new faucet, and did some cleanup. That night, I cooked up one of our favorite recipes and was wowed by the space-creating ability of this project.

What’s that map? We wanted a little inspiration for our travels while powering through skill-building and project-doing. I found this National Gazetteer map with the Panama Canal and (for some unknown reason) the cities and counties of the state of Virginia (our major destination).

A few weeks later, Scott used made a trim to cover the tile gaps using a router and sapele wood. We won the galley back from the dirty dishes and gained a drying rack and cutting board in the process. We’re also enjoying the spray nozzle of the faucet and one handle for temperature control.

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Knitter, sailor, and sewist on the move from San Francisco to the Chesapeake Bay aboard a 36' sailboat named Azimuth.

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