Half Moon Bay

We left San Francisco at 7am on Friday, April 30 and arrived later that day to Half Moon Bay, about 40 nm down the coast. There was a moment when we were motoring out of Horseshoe Cove, our last anchorage in the Bay, where we could clearly see the river of tide we were about to embark on. It felt like one of those, “just gotta jump in to move forward” moments, in quite a literal and metaphorical manner. We left on a huge ebb tide that had us moving along quite nicely out the gate, but that also sloshed around anything in it. Where the mass of bay water met the ocean left a washing machine of steep-faced, short-period waves that kept us on our toes and relocated many of our inside possessions to the floor.

Excellent photos by Sailing Intention, thank you!

The trip to Half Moon Bay took about five hours. It was wet, cold, and a bit of a slog. We were on the finishing end of so many boat projects, and so eager to get sailing again; that it was a little bit of a let-down to have our first small leg of the trip be in such gray conditions. Regardless, we have a lot of sailing yet to go and though there will be more gray days, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of blue-sky ones to make up for it.

We arrived in Half Moon Bay around 2pm, settled in to the west end of the outer harbor anchorage, tidied up the boat, and got cozy. “Movie night” started early and we took the long break both of us were looking forward to. Our plan is to stay here until at least mid-week and possibly into the weekend. We’re looking for a nice weather window to make our next hop to Monterey and plan to keep it slow until then.

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