Getting Intimate with the Engine

We love sailing — the joys of using natural differentials in air pressure paired with control lines to shape a piece of fabric and create movement is an altogether awesome way to explore the world. Sailing has been a primary form of transportation for thousands of years and for good reason. That being said, it’sContinue reading “Getting Intimate with the Engine”

So when do you start?

It’s probably the number one question we get now. The answer is, we’ve already begun! Apologies for the gap since our last post, it’s been a heckuva month with leaving our slip in Alameda, preparing for the haul-out, completing the haul-out (yay), and making our way to a couple anchorages, to now resting in theContinue reading “So when do you start?”

Closer than ever!

Okay so maybe every day will be “closer than ever,” but it actually feels that way this week. After spending three nights on anchor last week and being able to test out the system upgrades we’ve been working hard on, we’re both very optimistic about our next and “final” steps and our early-April departure estimate.Continue reading “Closer than ever!”

Lighted Engine Room

Good morning! How is it Thursday already? Ash and I have been house-sitting lately and recently returned to the boat. It’s so comfortable here we both just sank back into the boat, being 100% familiar with your surroundings is such a cozy feeling. It’s such a bonus that we are able to take this littleContinue reading “Lighted Engine Room”