Rollerblades and Fireworks

We’ve found ourselves in a San Diego state of mind.

We pulled into Mariners Square anchorage around 7 AM after a calm sail down from San Pedro. After setting a hook, we took the skiff to shore, walked two blocks, and had breakfast burritos in hand within moments. This was nothing short of magic.

Our recent upgrade to a 12 volt fridge + freezer offers fruit smoothies every morning.

We’re moored in a marina near SeaWorld and treated to a fireworks show every night. No matter what we’re up to, we seem to stop and observe for those short moments.

I stood up on a surfboard dozens of times in lessons and am scheduling another lesson with my mom when she visits!

Things seem to be a little easier, a little sweeter, and the next steps for entering Mexico are written on the whiteboard.

Experiencing the joy and thrill of hurdling our 29 and 32 year old bodies down tiny hills of moderately smooth pavement.

Scott picked up a pair of rollerblades in Ventura and I tacked on the hobby here in San Diego. Scouting out routes and experiencing the thrill of expanding skills feels like reclaiming a bit of childhood (or maybe just pre-boat refit) joy.

Snap from our walk last night across the bridge to Ocean Beach. We snagged dinner at a food truck and picked up some niche items from theAmazon box. I’m excited to start growing sprouts on board for reliable greenery between grocery stops and dig into “The Cruisers Handbook for Fishing”.

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Knitter, sailor, and sewist on the move from San Francisco to the Chesapeake Bay aboard a 36' sailboat named Azimuth.

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